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The clutch is one of the key parts of vehicles with manual gearbox. It is a component with an apparently simple use, but that, due to bad practices, can be easily damaged, thus giving way to one of the most expensive repairs in the workshops.

Changing the clutch can cost more than $1,000, it all depends on the model of the car. Be that as it may, it is a repair that many drivers do not like and, luckily, it can be avoided.
The trick is to change your habits. Not all driving school teachers are equally demanding with the use of the clutch, and this causes us to misuse it for many years without realizing it. It is enough to follow these tips so that the clutch is not our number one expense in the workshop.

Put your foot down

Changing gears is one of the movements that drivers have the most mechanized. If you do it wrong, we may be making the clutch work improperly, something that will lead to a breakdown. It is very important to depress the pedal fully when changing gear. Otherwise it will result in friction and sudden changes that will negatively affect our clutch.

Treat it gently

The smoothness when driving is key for the clutch to last a long time. Don't let go too quickly, accompany the movement of the car with your foot. If you notice strange vibrations, it is likely that you are going too fast when leaving it, so you should start to release it more gradually.

Coordinate the movement of the arm with the foot

In no case try to operate the gear lever without having the clutch well pressed. Depress the clutch fully before moving the lever, and don't release it until you've entered the new gear. You should not take the gear lever hard either, as this deteriorates its mechanism.

Always start smoothly

When you get into the car, the starts should always be as smooth as possible. You have to release the pedal little by little, and accelerate just enough, without reaching 1,500 rpm. As the car warms up, we can go up the revolutions.

Do not abuse the clutch

There are those who leave it pressed during a descending slope so that the car 'falls' alone. There are also those who leave it pressed at a traffic light to have to play less with the pedals.