If you're looking for mobility and independence to drive within the city with heavy traffic, the Suzuki Alto is the car you need. This model is one of Suzuki's icons, now available in three new versions.

Spacious And Comfortable Interior Both the front and rear seats offer ample interior space for both the driver and passengers. It has a good ceiling height as well as rear seat distance, allowing comfortable leg and knee positioning.

An ideal vehicle, its design is modern and it measures just over 3.4 meters in length and almost 1.5 meters in width. The 800cc 3-cylinder, 12-valve engine delivers 47 horsepower and 69 newton-meters of torque, starting from 3,500 revolutions per minute.

Elegant and Functional It's a perfect blend of design and logic. From an ergonomically designed cabin to comfortable seats, from quick-reading speedometers to intuitive controls, everything is built so you can move forward with peace of mind. The trunk has a capacity of up to 180 liters and includes a removable luggage cover tray, thanks to the foldable rear seats with two adjustable headrests.

Suzuki Alto - Safe & Easy

Image Courtesy Suzuki Global

Fuel Efficiency The 35-liter fuel tank is powered by the multipoint injection system, achieving greater efficiency in fuel consumption and fewer pollutant emissions. One of the main features of this model is safety. It has a simple but secure mechanics. With proper maintenance, it will accompany you for years without major issues.

Four-Wheel Safety Its ABS brakes prevent locking in the event of an emergency stop with EBD, maintaining the vehicle's stability and preventing sliding and skidding when braking in curves.

It comes with side protection bars on the doors and airbags for the driver and passenger. And for even more security inside, 3-point seat belts keep passengers in place in the event of a collision.

The Suzuki Alto emerges as an excellent choice for navigating the bustling city streets. With its modern design, spacious and comfortable interior, and efficient fuel consumption, this iconic Suzuki model offers a perfect blend of style and practicality. The 800cc engine ensures a smooth and powerful drive, while features like ABS brakes, EBD, and airbags prioritize safety on the road. For those seeking a compact and reliable companion that excels in both efficiency and safety, the Suzuki Alto stands out as a compelling choice, making every journey within the city a comfortable and secure adventure.