If your car is currently giving you a lot of worries, it's time to buy a new car. The decision isn't easy, but we'll tell you on what to base your decision. While you may feel like you're putting off a major expense, you'll actually be using money you're losing in small increments wisely. Travel limitations, servicing and repairs can hit your pocketbook harder than you think. 

Today at autostlucia.com/ we help you identify the signs that it's time to invest in a new car. In addition, we leave you with some recommendations at the end to help you choose a type of car that suits your current lifestyle.

Workshop visits are becoming more frequent

Once you start taking your car to the workshop more often than usual, you need to assess the impact on your personal or family budget. Every vehicle requires oil changes and maintenance, but being frequent means that you will need to replace components.

On average, at 200,000 kilometres, cars start to demand new water pumps or other changes; repairs will be more continuous and costly.

You are looking for a car with greater safety

This factor obviously doesn't only has to do with families. The car may be for your almost for personal use, but it's one of those cars that hardly has any seat belts. 

Then it's time to benefit from the innovations that manufacturers have included as standard. Driver's airbags are one example. They now come as standard for the driver in all vehicles. Some models even include passenger airbags.

Oil and water leaks

Your car hasn't left you high and dry yet, but you notice fluids on the car park floor under your car. That sign is more than warning. Leaks are not in themselves the end of your car's life, but they are something you should address before important parts are damaged.

Starting problems  

If water or oil leaks are not so much of a concern, starting failures are. If they have become recurrent, repairs are going to become a string of troubles. In fact, when it comes to knocking noises coming from the engine, it usually indicates major damage, such as worn wheel bearings.