Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island paradise that combines volcanic mountains, tropical forests and sandy beaches. Instantly recognized for its towering pythons, you can climb mountains, but you have to get close to the area.

If you can handle a gear stick (most rental vehicles are not automatic), drive on the right, and drive on the left side of the road, then you can rent a car. While many hotels offer shuttle buses to beaches and attractions, St. Lucia is mountainous, so expect ups and downs and lots of twisty corners. With that said, there is only one main road on the island, so it's hard to get lost, and renting an ATV is recommended. Keep in mind that rental cars can be identified through their license plates, so think twice before leaving valuables in the car, especially if you park in a quiet place.

Remember that, there are regulations about the use of vehicles on the beaches, non-compliance with these regulations exposes you to fines for ecological damage and even exposure of people to dangers.

It strikes a balance between a developed, tourism-friendly island and a rustic destination full of local charm and unspoiled natural landscapes, making it the perfect getaway for honeymooners and dive tourists. From the bustling party in the north to the relaxed serenity of nature in the south, the island is packed with waterfalls, sandy beaches, fresh seafood, and the list goes on.

Unlike some islands in the Caribbean, the beaches of Saint Lucia are open to the public. Therefore, while there are many beachside resorts, they do not have exclusive access to the shoreline, which means that you will never have to face the dire reality that the dream beach you have seen is for resort guests only.

Pigeon Island is actually a national park located in the northern part of St. Lucia and offers beautiful trails. Among the lush tropical forests, the remains of old military buildings, half covered with vegetation, appear in unlikely places. You can choose to hike alone or enlist in one of the many local tours that explore the area. If you are careful and consult local guides, you can have a great, relaxing vacation in beautiful St. Lucia.