Car owners in St. Lucia very often ignore their vehicles but this can have serious consequences on their proper functioning and can result in costly breakdowns. Your car is a very important asset, so we recommend that you should take proper care of it. You should give it a little attention to its needs to keep you safe on the road and maintain its value. Below are 20 tips for essential car maintenance

Do not drive recklessly. You must learn to drive carefully and correctly. This will save you maintenance and repair costs in case of crashes. Things like sudden acceleration, speeding over potholes, speed breakers, speeding on unpaved or rural roads can accelerate the wear and tear on your vehicle.
Check tires. Tires should be maintained frequently, such as checking tire pressure to reduce wear. Always repair spare tires without delay and replace them with new ones.

Wash the car frequently. This will always keep your car attractive. Wash it with a good car wash liquid. Use microfiber towels to help avoid scratches.

Vacuum and clean inside the car. Car interiors can reflect your personality. Make sure you make a good impression, as this is essential in maintaining your car every time. Vacuum the interior looking for dirt, trash, bugs, liquids. This will also help reduce odors and keep your passengers happy. 

Frequently check the parts of the car. You should periodically check car parts, for example, change the engine oil, check the filters, the carburetor, the brakes, the brake fluid, the condition of the spotlights, the wear of the tires, the exhaust pipe, among other things. Consult with a trusted mechanic to make the necessary repairs in time. 

These are some tips that will keep your car in optimal conditions and prevent you from being stuck on the road due to poor maintenance, remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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